Fruit & Vegetable Coatings

Several Michelman emulsion products are used to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Used “neat” or as an additive, these products can delay ripening, delay color changes, reduce water loss, and improve appearance. All are water-based and FDA-compliant.

Additives & Modifiers for Fruit & Vegetable Coatings Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge gloss enhancement moisture control suitable for edible skinned fruits

Michem® Emulsion 13025

(Slip and anti-block additive)

Provides slip and block resistance in a wide variety of coatings and formulas. A very broad global food contact compliance, combined with a wide pH compatibility makes it suitable for edible and nonedible fruits.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Nonionic  

Michem® Emulsion 36840

(Anionic paraffin/polyethylene wax emulsion)

Improves water resistance, mar resistance and anti-block properties in paints and coatings.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Anionic    

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