Belt & Platen Coatings

Our belt and platen coatings for manufacturers of all types of engineered wood panels will seal your belt and platen surfaces, keeping them clean and productive.

Formulated Coatings for Belt & Platen Coatings belt cleanliness release

Michem® Release Agent 9004

(Proprietary release blend)

A platen coating that acts as a metal sealer. It imparts a low COF to seal the surface of the platen, produces a cleaner surface, and reduces the frequency of cleanings. It also provides a smoother board surface over time, requiring less sanding.


Michem® Wood Release 3002

(Proprietary release blend)

A non-silicon, continuous belt conditioner for the manufacture of pMDI based Medium Density Fiberboard, Oriented Strand Board, Particleboard and other types of engineered wood. It is designed to continuously seal the surface of the steel belt providing a cleaner surface. This cleaner surface ultimately extends the frequency between cleaning and provides a smoother board surface for more consistent quality.


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Equipment for Belt & Platen Coatings

  • MWR-100

    Modular duplex blending system which precisely dilutes and applies Michelman release products