We’ve found conserving natural resources is good for business and we can help you do the same

Michelman’s popular water-based coatings for corrugated are a classic example of how sustainable business practices can be a win for all concerned:

  • fewer resources are used in production
  • the application process is safer
  • retailers’ waste stream becomes a revenue stream
  • landfill space is preserved

We’re developing technologies to increase the sustainability of all our products and helping customers do the same. It’s not just the right thing to do; it’s good business.

Our ability to move quickly with innovative ideas has helped customers take advantage of opportunities created by environmental regulations. When some types of surfactants were banned, for example, we were ready with products that made compliance painless and profitable. As VOC restrictions continue to tighten, our water-based solutions are helping manufacturers eliminate solvents without compromising product performance.

Because we want our people and the business to thrive along with the environment upon which all of life depends, we devote substantial internal resources to employee safety and health, training and career development. The benefit to you is service representatives, technical experts and line employees motivated to always give you their best effort.

Don’t wait for material shortages or new regulations to put you in a bind. Join us in proactively seeking solutions that benefit society, the environment, AND your bottom line. Contact your local Michelman representative today.