Ecrothan® polyurethane dispersions and PU-acrylic hybrid dispersions are specially developed for applications requiring maximum durability in a beautiful finish, e.g. for industrial wood. Available in grades for hard surfaces and flexible substrates, including 100% cosolvent-free grades.

Products for Ecrothan Available Form Solids Type Emulsifier Type abrasion resistance water resistance hardness chemical resistance scratch resistance gloss enhancement wood grain enhancement block resistance

Ecrothan® 2012

Emulsion Polyurethane Acrylic hybrid          

Ecrothan® 2020

Dispersion Polyurethane Acrylic hybrid    

Ecrothan® 2022

Dispersion Polymeric Dispersion    

Ecrothan® 4075

Dispersion Polyurethane            

Ecrothan® 440

Dispersion Polyurethane              

Ecrothan® 557

Dispersion Polyurethane        

Ecrothan® 90

Dispersion Polyurethane          

Ecrothan® 95

Dispersion Polyurethane