HP Indigo Printing Solutions, Indigo Consumables

Optimize your HP Indigo printer with HP-recommended primers and overprint varnish. All of these critical Indigo consumables are designed to help you produce the best looking output with your press.

Indigo Consumables - Digital Printing Primers

DigiPrime® water-based primer is approved for use on the HP Indigo printer for its superior print receptivity. With DigiPrime, you can rest assured that your printed output will look exactly as you intended.

Michem® In-line Primers are designed for three HP Indigo printers equipped with in-line priming applicators – the W3250, W7200, and the WS6600. These HP digital printers offer printing and priming of various substrates in a single in-line machine.

Sapphire is a water-based digital printing primer treatment used for optimizing papers for the HP Indigo commercial presses such as the 5000 and 7000 series. The treatment is based on the application of a water soluble polymer.

Topaz Solution is a solvent based product designed for optimizing plastic sheet materials, and making them print compatible with Indigo technology.

Indigo Consumables - Digital Printing Overprint Varnish

To properly finish your job, use our DigiGuard® overprint varnish to protect and enhance the visual quality of your output.