Michem Coat

Michem® Coat water-based coatings are selected primarily for grease and oil resistance. Other benefits include water resistance, release, coldset gluability, hot melt gluability, recyclability, and compliance with specific food contact regulations.

Products for Michem Coat Available Form Solids Type Emulsifier Type grease & oil resistance water resistance corrosion resistance skid resistance printability MVTR heat seal

Michem® Coat 1548

Proprietary co-polymer          

Michem® Coat 218CI4 AFN

Polymer / Corrosion Inhibitor            

Michem® Coat 40 Plus N


Michem® Coat 40H HSN

Acrylic / Wax              

Michem® Coat 40HAFN

Acrylic / Wax            

Michem® Coat 51

Polymer / Pigment          

Michem® Coat 525


Michem® Coat 55

Polymer / Pigment            

Michem® Coat 81

Polymer / Pigment          

Michem® Coat 90

Polymer / Pigment        

Michem® Coat 95

Acrylic Styrene Copolymer