DigiGuard® UV 2250

Brand Family Overview

NurtureYield® is a family of additives and binders for coatings formulations designed to protect and improve the performance and processing of agricultural materials. Products which can be improved by the use of NurtureYield include seeds, plants, and fruits.

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A general purpose matte UV coating that provides excellent rub resistance. It is specifically formulated for use over HP Indigo or select toner based inks and energy cure inks to be applied in-line or off-line via anilox coaters.


UV overprint varnish

Performance Attributes

This product is used in many applications including the following:

ApplicationProperties Imparted
Overprint Varnishmatte, UV coating

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Physical Properties

These physical properties are typical but should not be considered specifications.

AppearanceViscous liquid
Percent Non-Volatile99.0 - 100.0

Site of Manufacture (and Product Code)

CIN (DGUV2250)

Application Data

Typical applications include sheetfed printing on paper or paperboard substrates where matte gloss is desired. Typical gloss reading is 5-15 points with a 60° gloss meter. This is dependent on the substrate and application method. DigiGuard® UV 2250 should be evaluated in the laboratory using the actual ink system and substrate to ensure that leveling, intercoat adhesion gloss and other performance characteristics are acceptable. In general, UV coatings may not exhibit complete intercoat adhesion over some ink systems. A primer may be considered for use if this property needs to be improved.