Contract Manufacturing

Leverage your resources with the confidential quality outsourcing experts who have the knowledge and equipment to help you grow

It doesn’t always make sense to build the capacity required to pursue every business opportunity. Sometimes outsourcing to a skilled partner you’re sure will protect your intellectual property is a better idea.

Customers rely on Michelman’s confidential manufacturing service to help them grow in four primary situations:

  • They have reached maximum capacity
  • They need to produce in closer physical proximity to a promising market to compete effectively
  • They need to delay capital investment until a product is at commercial stage
  • They lack the process expertise to make a unique product efficiently

With over half a century of successful contract manufacturing experience, we can enhance your formulation, navigate your regulatory challenges, and provide cost-effective distribution, packaging, warehousing and shipping.

Confidential outsourcing can buy the time you need to enter when a market is hot. For the production edge, call on Michelman’s outstanding quality, customer service and technical support.