Product Development

Our product base, industry knowledge and testing capabilities can quickly guide you to the right value-adding solution

When you call with a business opportunity, chances are we can meet your need immediately from our repertoire of market-leading solutions. If not, we have over 1,000 additional ready-made formulations from which to choose. When none of those is right, our deep understanding of product usage in your industry can help you develop a custom solution.
Our commitment to customer-specific product development is shown in the talent, facilities and support we put at your disposal:

  • Each Michelman sales representative is a highly-skilled technical expert
  • Sales reps serve as spokespersons for the customers they serve. When you have a request, your rep will personally manage the project until a solution is found
  • With over 10% of our employees directly involved in R&D, the resources to supply the component, intermediate or finished good you need are always on hand
  • Because our laboratory capabilities are based on customer needs, we can do the testing, evaluation and screening of new products with you
  • Michelman can often supply a better-running solution made up of fewer chemicals. This simplifies procurement and inventory management, freeing up your resources to focus on product breakthroughs and process efficiencies

Michelman was built on the ability to evolve, then successfully apply next-generation technologies in core industries. We understand the critical importance of timing. When it comes to product development, we’ll do everything we can to get you to market first.

Michelman offers a strong sales and technical team that understands our business and is willing to develop technology that meets specific requirements at a reasonable cost. Laboratory Manager, 3,500-employee packaging firm