Regulatory Compliance

Seamless, global, pro-active support ensures you’re in compliance — wherever you’re growing.

As a pioneer of repulpable coatings and low-VOC emulsions, it’s no surprise that our customer-focused regulatory program leads the industry. We have several full-time experts devoted completely to ensuring Michelman and all customers meet or exceed applicable safety, health and environmental requirements.

Serving manufacturers based all over the world, we have a clear understanding of Canadian, European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Australian and Latin American regulations—as well as the legal nuances of each state and region in the US. Whether the Michelman products you purchase are affected by food contact, emission, hazardous component or TSCA polymer exemption regulations, you get the pertinent information up front as part of the transaction.

To thrive in business today, it isn’t enough to meet existing laws; companies must constantly look ahead. Materials often come under public scrutiny years before governments get involved. We monitor both emerging issues and regulations in the rule-making phase to help the Michelman family of customers prepare for tomorrow.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to do business by simplifying compliance. With Michelman, you’ll save precious time on the way to market, confident you’ve addressed every regulatory concern.

Our Regulatory Edge
  • We lead the industry in reducing VOCs and replacing APEs, formaldehyde, and potential “endocrine-disruptors”, including many not yet regulated
  • Michelman offers a number of products that are certified kosher.
  • We support customers’ new product launches with regulatory assessments and qualification testing, shortening the time to market
  • One of the industry’s most rigorous testing protocols ensures that every batch from every vessel at every plant is free of microbiological contamination