Technical Support

Michelman’s integrated response gets you back in business quickly while adding value to your processes and products

Michelman sells complete solutions. When you buy a product from us, we gladly show you how to use it, recommend the equipment to add or apply it properly, and provide all the support you need to get maximum performance downstream.

It is standard procedure for us to help customers improve their production processes. A coating customer, for example, will send samples of their coating and the package substrate to which it is applied. We run a battery of appropriate lab tests, and within three days get back to the customer with suggestions for a more effective process, coating weight, equipment setting, glue and/or component.

We have resources unique in the industry to support Michelman offerings from purchase to end use: 

  • Every sales representative has extensive technical training and understands the kind of production and market challenges you face
  • A fully equipped and staffed laboratory is available to help you develop new products and evaluate your manufacturing processes
  • Our comprehensive assessments can quickly determine whether a product’s desired performance characteristic will be maintained downstream
  • All test results are thoughtfully interpreted to derive recommendations that will make the most difference

Extraordinary technical support is just part of the package with Michelman. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

We appreciate Michelman's willingness to have their technical people work directly with ours. We had some unique requirements that Michelman and our technical people worked through. Without this effort I don't believe we would have been successful in switching to water based coatings. Michelman is always willing to do different and sometimes difficult things to meet our specific needs." Technical Manager, leading global Business Technologies firm