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MICHELMAN is always thinking ahead.

With aggressive product development. Customized solutions found nowhere else. An expanded global presence. Sustainability for the natural environment and the business environment. And service beyond expectations.

Michelman anticipates your future needs to give you the edge.

anticipate solutions


From water beading on a wood deck to components fighting the harshest industrial environments, you'll see Michelman's advanced materials offering optimum resistance, protection and durability.

anticipate solutions


From fiberboard to fighter jets, Michelman makes the vital ingredients that allow composites to come together. They're how aircraft get lighter, while their components get tougher—and why household appliances can take the heat and manufactured products can take the stress.

anticipate solutions

Printing & packaging.

From the first water-based packaging coatings to today's versatile digital printing capabilities, Michelman's printing and packaging solutions protect people, protect products, and protect your brand.


    Be ready to take on the world.

    Michelman's global facilities and service organizations connect you to new markets and opportunities faster.


    MICHELMAN. Always Thinking Ahead.

    Michelman serves a wide range of industries for an ever-expanding range of applications.

    NEW SOLUTIONS at the Advanced Materials Collaboration Center

    Customers across all industry segments have come to expect 'great ideas' from Michelman. Our new Advanced Materials Collaboration Center reflects our company's heavy emphasis on R&D and customer collaboration to develop products specifically formulated for tomorrow's needs. Read about Michelman's forward-looking products.

    Joint Venture Helps Japanese Companies Enter New Markets

    Michelman has invested in Japan—with advanced technology, state of the art facilities, and global networks. As the Maruyoshi Michelman Co., we're helping Japanese companies do more specialty business with companies throughout the region. See how Michelman is helping expand global trade.


    Ecronova: Bright Future of Water-Based Polymers


    Already established as an industry leader in the development of water-based emulsions, Michelman's extensive line of water-based polymers from Ecronova offer advanced polymer technology for new industrial applications. By taking the lead in advanced water-based emulsion technology, Michelman offers advanced and powerful solutions and opportunities for a wider range of industries seeking innovative additives and coatings. Read why Michelman's newest polymer technologies give companies a significant edge in the marketplace.