Innovating a Sustainable Future

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of specialized sustainable chemistry used in agricultural and architectural coatings, digital printing, foodservice packaging, and advanced composites for automotive and aerospace. From helping grow food and keep it fresh, to making vehicles lighter and more fuel efficient, to shielding our homes from the elements, Michelman‘s environmentally conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world.

Packaging Solutions Designed for the Circular Economy

Our multi-functional coatings for paper, film, and foil can eliminate the need for complex, costly, and unrecyclable multi-layer structures, making it possible to create packaging that is recyclable, repulpable, and industrially compostable using homogenous mono-material structures.

Our Michem® Flex, HydraBan®, and VaporCoat® technologies deliver water, oil, and grease resistance, low-temperature heat seal, and excellent ink adhesion in solutions that are PFAS-free, including food contact compliant options.

Proven Technology Backed By Deep Application Expertise In Digital Printing

Maximize performance and grow your business sustainably with our market-leading DigiPrime® digital print primers, including options designed for converters, printers, and paper mills. Our first-hand industry experience, holistic approach, and two decades of close collaboration with HP Indigo help deliver best-in-class durable labels, flexible packaging, and commercial printing solutions.

Our OEM-tested primers and overprint coatings for high-speed aqueous inkjet impart superior resolution and durability with increased throughput in a range of tailored surface finishes.

Stronger and Lighter Carbon, Glass, & Natural Fiber Composites

Our versatile and chemistry-agnostic Hydrosize® family of fiber sizings can be used with many different combinations of polymers, fibers & fillers, and processing methods to help improve manufacturing efficiency and meet the mechanical and chemical requirements of the final product.

Our Hydrosize® Carbon series is uniquely tailored to exploit the benefits of carbon fiber, contributing to improved mechanical performance and thermal stability.

Advanced Agricultural Coatings from Seed to Shelf

Our NurtureYield® solutions ensure the even processing and planting of high value seeds, control moisture absorption and release in fertilizers, and extend the shelf life of harvested produce.

Performance Additives for Architectural, Wood, and Metal Coatings

Our Michem® Wood Coatings set the water-resistance standard in solvent-free additives for exterior wood coatings and stains.

We build protection and durability into a wide array of interior and exterior coatings and polishes for architectural and industrial applications, and improve corrosion protection and processability in thin layer coatings for metal.


Our global innovation centers incorporate dedicated space, technical expertise, and cutting-edge technology for customized solution development in collaboration across the value chain.

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