Building Paints

Our emphasis is on weather resistant polymers for exterior façade paint; polymers for very low VOC interior paints with scrub resistance; and a complete line of performance-enhancing aqueous surface modifiers.

Polymers for Building Paints MFFT (°C) % Non-Volatile abrasion resistance adhesion alkali resistance block resistance durability gloss enhancement hiding power minimal whitening stain blocking water resistance weatherability wet scrub resistance

Ecronova™ KDA 618 eco

(Water-based styrene-acrylic dispersion)

Provides abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, and water and alkali resistance in emulsion based plasters and glues, and matte to high gloss interior and exterior emulsion paints.

18 49.0 - 51.0                    

Ecronova™ KDA 790

(Water-based emulsion of a styrene/acrylic copolymer)

This APE free emulsion imparts water vapor permeability, weather-ability and UV light stability and is suitable for low VOC interior paints and silicate exterior paints.

0 49.0 - 51.0                    

Ecronova™ RA 111

(Water-based emulsion of an acrylic copolymer)

Provides minimal whitening and good water resistance especially in mosaic plaster and exterior paints. This product is APE free.

3 49.0 - 51.0                    

Ecronova™ RA 160 Plus

(Water-based cationic emulsion of an acrylic coploymer)

Provides excellent stain blocking and barrier properties in paint formulations.

0 55.0 - 57.0                      

Ecronova™ RA 180 Plus

(Cationic waterbased acrylic copolymer emulsion)

Provides adhesion, water resistance, alkali resistance and stain resistance in tannin and nicotine barrier primers, coatings and paints.

0 43.0 - 45.0                

Ecronova™ RA 576 H

(Water-based emulsion of an acrylic/methacrylic copolymer)

Provides good flexibility and excellent block resistance for interior and exterior wood coatings and provides excellent adhesion to difficult substrates. This product is APE free and UV resistant.

0 41.0 - 43.0                    

Ecrovin® LV 382

(Copolymer emulsion based on vinyl acetate)

Optimized for low VOC interior wall paints, this emulsion provides excellent wet scrub resistance due to outstanding pigment binding power of the binder in heavily-filled systems. It also offers very good abrasion resistance and hiding power and is APE free.

0 52.0 - 54.0                  

Ecrovin® LV 470

(Terpolymer emulsion based on vinyl acetate/vinyl versatate/maleic acid ester)

Provides good blocking resistance and high gloss in latex paints. This product is APE free.

2 50.0 - 52.0                    

Ecrovin® LV 485

(Copolymer emulsion based on vinyl acetate)

Ideal in low VOC glossy or satin latex paint applications, this product offers excellent blocking resistance at a low minimum film forming temperature with outstanding abrasion resistance.

2 50.0 - 52.0                    
Additives & Modifiers for Building Paints Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge abrasion resistance block resistance durability lubricity mar resistance matting mold release open time release rub resistance sacraficial anti-graffiti scratch resistance slip resistance water beading water repellence water resistance

Michem® Emulsion 34935

(Anionic paraffin/ethylene acrylic acid wax emulsion)

Provides excellent water beading and is primarily used for water resistance in wood coatings.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Anionic                              

Michem® Emulsion 36840

(Anionic paraffin/polyethylene wax emulsion)

Improves water resistance, mar resistance and anti-block properties in paints and coatings.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Anionic                          

Michem® Emulsion 47950

(Nonionic paraffin emulsion)

Effective as a sacrificial anti-graffiti coating and can also contribute water and corrosion resistance to industrial and wood coatings. This product also provides lubricity and serves as a mold release for industrial molding applications.

Emulsion 49.0 - 51.0 Nonionic                          

Michem® Emulsion 48040M2

(Nonionic microcrystalline wax emulsion)

Provides excellent anti-blocking and release properties for building paint, industrial molding and industrial wood applications.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Nonionic                            

Michem® Emulsion 66035

(Anionic paraffin/polyethylene wax coemulsion)

An excellent waterbeading agent for exterior coatings providing early water beading and anti-blocking properties as well. It also is successfully used for hot tire scuff resistance in asphalt.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Anionic                        

Michem® Emulsion 93235

(Nonionic polyethylene emulsion)

This phenol free additive is best used in water based coatings where improved slip, rub resistance, hardness and/or block resistance is needed. It has proven very effective for mar resistance in floor polish formulations as well as mar resistance and shine in car polish formulations.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic                          

Michem® Emulsion 93335

(Nonionic HDPE emulsion)

Enhances anti-blocking, slip properties and mar resistance and is used most effectively for wood coatings,inks and overprint varnishes.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic                      

Michem® Emulsion 93935

(Nonionic polyethylene emulsion)

A phenol and formaldehyde free wax emulsion used in floor polish formulations where it imparts black heel resistance, toughness and buffability and mar and scuff resistance. It is also useful in paint and varnish formulations to impart durability, block, mar and scratch resistance.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic                            

Michem® Emulsion 94340

(Nonionic polypropylene emulsion)

A phenol free additive best used in floor polish and overprint varnish formulations when a high degree of slip resistance is needed. It also provides durability and scratch resistance to wood applications.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Anionic / Nonionic                      

Michem® Guard 1351

(Nonionic polyethylene wax dispersion)

Improves rub and abrasion resistance in pigmented coatings and semi-gloss coatings, inks and OPV's at very low addition rates.

Dispersion 64.0 - 66.0 Nonionic                            

Michem® Guard 349

(Nonionic polyethylene dispersion)

Designed to impart rub resistance, block resistance and matting properties to aqueous paints, coatings and inks.

Dispersion 49.5 - 50.5 Nonionic                        

Michem® Guard 7140

(Anionic polyethylene dispersion)

A water-based, dispersion which improves blocking, rub and abrasion resistance, and matting in pigmented coatings and semi-gloss coatings, inks, and overprint varnishes and at very low addition rates. It also produces smooth satin finishes at 5-10% addition rates.

Dispersion 39.5 - 40.5 Anionic                              

Michem® Lube 160 PFP

(Anionic carnauba wax emulsion)

This phenol-free additive provides slip and anti-block properties when used in coatings for seeds, metal, wood and OPP films.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Anionic                      

Michem® Lube 182

(Anionic carnauba/paraffin wax emulsion)

Provides slip, release and anti-block properties in a number of applications ranging from wood coatings to being blended with synthetic and natural lattices. It is also a mar and scratch resistant and water repellent additive in varnishes and other coatings. This product is slightly higher in melt point than Michem® Lube 180.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Anionic                            

Michem® Lube 190

(Anionic polyethylene wax emulsion)

Provides mar, rub, block and scratch resistance as well as improved water resistance in coatings and graphic arts formulations.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Anionic                        

Michem® Lube 270R

(Anionic paraffin/polyethylene wax coemulsion)

Provides excellent water and block resistance in paint and coating formulations. This product is useful for long term water bead and for water repellency on wood as well as a tire dressing and buffability for auto care.

Emulsion 38.5 - 39.5 Anionic                        

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