Market-leading coating applicators and testing equipment--designed specifically for Michelman products--can give you the performance edge

Michelman’s first water-based paper coatings and applicators were developed in tandem as a total system decades ago. Today, we remain the paper and corrugated industry’s primary source for both.

When you purchase a rod, blade or spray applicator from Michelman, you get the support of the industry’s foremost water-based coatings experts. We’ll help you fine-tune your application process for the highest competitive advantage.

Our testing equipment for the paper and floor industries can also help you grow--by proving your products’ excellence to potential customers.

All of our equipment is backed by in-house technical support. Spare parts are available to keep your investment in top working order.

Rod Coaters
MRC-1000: Fully-automatic high-speed coater for maximum coat weight control.
Blade Coaters
MBC-400/MBC-200: Easy-to-use, portable and cost-effective for lower coat weights.

MBC-310: Similar to MBC-400, can be permanently mounted onto corrugator

DEC-600: Fully-automatic with speed sensor and automatic wash-up system

Spray Coaters
MSC-100: Self-cleaning, fully-automatic nonskid sprayer with dilution control.

PCL-500/PCL-500A: Improves both board quality and the working environment when combined with the PCL500 Paper Lubricant.

MWR-100:  Modular duplex blending system which precisely dilutes and applies Michelman release products

Testing Equipment
Michelman-James Machine: durable, quiet and easy to use

TAPPI T-815: standard for paper packaging with the Michelman Slide Angle Tester

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