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Give your products the functional edge with high-performance, low-VOC emulsions

As the pressure to reduce VOCs increases, more and more industries want coatings that cost-effectively improve surface properties without solvents. With more water-based emulsion experience than any competitor, Michelman is helping coatings manufacturers take full advantage of these opportunities.

Our best-in-class solutions include:

Ecronova Polymer
water-based polymers that represent the basis of many leading paints, coatings and lacquers. Solutions include styrene acrylics, pure acrylic emulsions, vinyl acetate copolymers and polyurethane dispersions.
Michem® Lube
nanoscale emulsions of carnauba, paraffin, and other waxes that impart slip, mar, scratch and water resistance as well as anti-blocking and lubricity
Michem® Wood Coating
an ultra-low VOC topical wood treatment popular for decks
Michem® Prime
water-based dispersions of ethylene copolymers commonly used on metal and plastic substrates to improve adhesion and chemical/water resistance

Superior water-based, solvent-borne and micronized formulations give Michelman customers the edge in a wide array of architectural/decorative, factory coating, and special purpose applications.

Because we work with nearly every type of wax and wax-like polymer in use today, formulators who partner with Michelman have enormous latitude in designing a recipe that meets all their customers’ criteria. Our technical staff is known for its ability to quickly customize a solution if our extensive range of ready-made products will not meet a coating’s requirements.

Michelman’s performance-enhancing technology can help you:

  • Stop water penetration into wood and concrete
  • Add scratch and mar protection to plastic, wood and metal finishes
  • Create special effects such as soft feel and gloss matting
  • Control lubricity for high speed processing and rough service protection
  • Eliminate blocking in trim paints

As you go global to participate in emerging economies, our broad geographic platform of facilities, support representatives and technical experts can help you get to market ahead of the competition. With Michelman, you can be the first to provide the environmentally sustainable solutions your market wants today.

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