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Discover hidden value to break into new markets with coatings on the leading edge of paper packaging

Michelman has been opening new markets for paper packaging ever since creating the first repulpable water-based coating decades ago. Examples include:

a corrosion resistant coating which made shipping metallic components more cost-effective
a multi-functional coating which provides scuff resistance, high angle of skid, and a suede-like feel
a moisture barrier coating for corrugated boxes, chipboard, SBS, clay coated kraft and kraft paper

Our coatings improve the performance of packaging in dozens of markets, including:

  • perishable fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy
  • bakery items, including bake-in trays and cake circles
  • appliances and other durable goods
  • paper plates, folding cartons, roll wrap, multi-wall bags and construction forms
  • hot rubber and asphalt

Water-based coatings are safer to apply, conserve resources in production, and often simply do a better job of protecting contents than alternatives. Because they are completely recyclable, they also turn retailers’ waste streams into revenue streams.

With an understanding of the supply chain, production process, market and end user built over forty years in the business, we partner with customers to uncover new ways to add value to their products. After exploring the parameters of your opportunity, we can suggest the optimum ready-made or custom solution to:

  • Protect packaging from water, moisture, oil and grease damage
  • Keep contents fresh
  • Accentuate whites and color graphics
  • Increase stacking strength
  • Reduce insect infestation
  • Shield high value cargo from corrosion and scratches

We can also recommend the best application method — and even provide the application equipment most appropriate for the job.

Today’s competitive and fast-changing consumer-driven packaging climate demands that you differentiate yourself. With a broad global platform of facilities, support representatives and technical experts, Michelman can help you break into new markets first with solutions at the leading edge of environmentally sustainable technology.

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