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We created our first repulpable water-based coating over 50 years ago. Today, we continue to lead the way as we look to shape the Circular Economy of tomorrow. Amid rising global concerns about the environment, we are committed to sustaining our planet by introducing planet-positive solutions into the marketplace. In a world that is becoming increasingly concerned with protecting and preserving the natural environment, sustainable packaging offers a solution through material and resource efficiency. Whether dealing with film- or fiber-based substrates, or transitioning from film to paper, Michelman's aqueous coatings are beneficial, helping to reduce moisture, vapor, and oxygen transmission whilst enhancing resistance to water, oil, and grease. Enabling airtight seals, our solutions help to increase shelf life through the reduction of food waste, and by replacing less desirable materials, they enable recyclable or compostable packaging structures, catering to the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions.

Q & A with Oliver

  • In your opinion, why is Circular Economy so vital and relevant right now?
  • Why is collaboration with partners across the value chain so important?
  • What makes Michelman solutions different or unique?
  • What would you say has driven Michelman to be at the forefront of innovating in sustainable future and what excites you about the future?
  • What has been your biggest success at Michelman?
  • What is the biggest challenge you foresee for the industry to achieve a Circular Economy, and how is Michelman looking to overcome it?


At Michelman, we know the value of collaboration. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than during the development of the next generation of innovative multifunctional oxygen primers created in collaboration with our value chain partners. Our partnership with BOBST, Dow, Sun Chemical, and Zermatt resulted in the co-creation of BOBST’s oneBARRIER PrimeCycle. Recyclable up to 98%, it is a groundbreaking full PE mono-material barrier alternative to nonrecyclable metallized film. Equally as pioneering was Michelmans partnership with BOBST and UPM speciality papers which saw the development of oneBARRIER FibreCycle, an innovative advancement in the creation of paper-based packaging solutions. Designed to replace high barrier film packaging and provide enhanced oxygen, moisture, and mineral oil barrier properties at low coat weight while simultaneously enabling metallization of core substrates, oneBARRIER is a game changer for packaging solutions in the reuse economy. Learn More


Thinking Ahead

With increasing pressure from consumers, governments, and regulators for companies to reduce their environmental impact and adopt more sustainable business practices, it has never been more important to make your business part of the circular supply chain. Keep up to date with all our essential news and insight to see how Michelman can help you to achieve your sustainability goals.

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