Michelman at K2022 with Innovative Oxygen Barrier Technology

Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Michelman at K2022 with Innovative Oxygen Barrier Technology

Michelman has created the next generation of multifunctional oxygen primers that provide enhanced barrier properties at low coat weight while simultaneously enabling metallization of core substrates. The result? Two innovative and groundbreaking sustainable packaging solutions. oneBARRIER PrimeCycle is a full PE mono-material barrier alternative to nonrecyclable metallized film. oneBARRIER FibreCycle is a paper-based packaging solution. Intrigued? We hope so. Stop by and learn more about these new flexible packaging solutions at K 2022 from 19-26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany.


oneBARRIER PrimeCycle is Certified Recyclable

oneBARRIER PrimeCycle, a complete PE barrier alternative to nonrecyclable metallized film, is certified recyclable up to 98%! Our partnership with BOBST, Dow, Sun Chemical, and Zermatt resulted in the co-creation of BOBST’s oneBARRIER PrimeCycle solution. Come see this amazing new film at BOBST’s Stand in Hall 4 / A39 at the K show.


  • MDO-PE mono-material construction compliant with CEFLEX D4ACE packaging guidelines
  • Certified Class AAA recyclable (98%) by cyclos-HTP
  • Excellent retention of barrier properties throughout the supply chain

PE Sealant Adhesive MDO-PE Ink AlOx Primer ( Michem® Flex B3530)


A critical component of this system is the primer—Michem® Flex B3530—which provides high barrier performance on the final laminate with a laminate bond strength of >3 N/15mm.

  • excellent oxygen barrier
  • good moisture vapor & mineral oil barrier
  • food contact compliant
  • EVOH & PVDC free
  • effective at low coat weights
  • compatible with a wide range of films, including PE, BOPP, and PET, as well as metallized substrates

System Performance Performance on MDO-PE (25µm) 0.5 dry gsmOTR (23ºC, 50% RH) cc/m2dayMVTR (38ºC, 90% RH) g/m2day

oneBARRIER FibreCycle Is Compatible With Existing Paper Recycling Streams

Following an industry-wide shift in demand for more paper-based packaging options, oneBARRIER FibreCycle was developed as a paper-based packaging solution with partners Bobst and UPM. This collaborative barrier paper solution will be presented at an Open House at BOBST Manchester, UK on 18 October 2022 as well as at K 2022.


6 5 4 3 2 1
  1. OPV: VaporCoat® 1300 is overprinted to protect the surface and enhance MVTR under tropical conditions.
  2. Ink
  3. Substrate: UPM Solide Lucent™, a responsibly sourced and recyclable kraft paper, is an excellent foundation for achieving optimum barrier properties.
  4. Primer: Michem® Flex B1002, is a metallization primer that also provides oxygen, aroma, and mineral oil barriers, oil & grease resistance, and print receptivity.
  5. Metallization: via BOBST AluBond® vacuum deposition.
  6. Heat Seal: The Michem® Flex HS family enables airtight sealing for a range of seal initiation temperatures.

System Performance

0.010.11101000.010.1110100MVTR, g/(m2.day) (23°C, 85% RH)OTR, cc/(m2.day) (23°C, 50% RH)Paper: (NM; 680)Primer: (0.2; 89)Metallization: (0.02; 0.5)Heat Seal: (0.02; 0.3)OPV: (0.02; 0.1)

Aging Test (Full Structure)

Barrier properties are fully retained after five weeks.

0.480.420.380.310.290.620.550.50.410.3900. (38°C 90% RH)WEEKSSample 1Sample 2

Barrier properties are retained after conversion into pouches. (MVTR tropical 0.4 and OTR below 0.1)