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Performance and sustainability are built in to Michelman solutions. Our water-based barrier coatings, heat seal coatings, primers, and overprint varnishes offer increased functionality while maintaining a sustainable package, with opportunities to reduce waste, provide product protection, and use fewer raw materials. Leading global CPG brands rely on Michelman technology to help ensure consistent quality and a positive consumer experience.

Barrier Coatings - In order to preserve food and other perishable or sensitive goods, packaging materials must manage the rate at which oxygen, water vapor, and mineral oil migrate through the package. We provide a range of coatings to enhance the ability of paper and film substrates to perform this function, as well as impart additional properties such as oil, grease, and water resistance.

Heat Seal Coatings - These specialized coatings help preserve packaging contents by bonding two surfaces of a package together to create an airtight seal. We offer A-A heat seal coatings with low to medium initiation temperatures which provide excellent bond strength when used with paper, film, and foil substrates.

Primers - Michelman are well-known in the industry for our comprehensive portfolio of primers. These specialized coatings promote adhesion between various materials, enabling processes such as extrusion and metallization, and making surfaces more print receptive. Our advanced, multi-functional primers can also improve the oxygen, moisture, and mineral oil barrier properties of the paper and film substrates to which they are applied.

Overprint Varnishes - Overprint varnishes, or OPVs, can help protect printed surfaces from UV light, marring, and scratches. OPVs can also enhance package appearance by providing different finishes, such as matte, satin, or gloss, to help maintain shelf appeal and provide a better consumer experience.


Thinking Ahead

With increasing pressure from consumers, governments, and regulators for companies to reduce their environmental impact and adopt more sustainable business practices, it has never been more important to make your business part of the circular supply chain. Keep up to date with all our essential news and insight to see how Michelman can help you to achieve your sustainability goals.

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