Michem® Coat


Michem® Coat solutions are superior all-around coatings known for their grease and oil resistance. They also offer several other benefits including stain control, abrasion resistance, ease of off-line application, good gluing, surface sealing, and priming for subsequent applications. Typical packaging applications include bakery products, fast foods, pizza boxes, adhesive packaging, electrical components, and metal parts.


  • oil and grease barrier
  • water resistance
  • release
  • cold-set and hot-melt gluable
  • repulpable and recyclable
  • food contact compliant options
  • PFAS-free
Product Name
grease & oil resistance
corrosion resistance
heat seal
skid resistance
Michem® Coat 1548
Michem® Coat 2000
Michem® Coat 218CI4 AFN
Michem® Coat 40 Plus N
Michem® Coat 40H HSN
Michem® Coat 40HAFN
Michem® Coat 51
Michem® Coat 525
Michem® Coat 55
Michem® Coat 81
Michem® Coat 9100
Michem® Coat 95