Industrial Maintenance

Selected Michelman waterborne polymers and additives are ideally suited for direct-to-metal primer and coating formulations, offering a range of functional properties.

Additives & Modifiers for Industrial Maintenance Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge block resistance curing control metal adhesion moisture control release slip resistance water beading water repellence water resistance

ACqua™ 240

(Ethylene acrylic acid copolymer)

Provides corrosion resistance and metal adhesion for can and coil, die lubes and industrial maintenance applications and is removable with alkaline cleaners.

Emulsion 19.0 - 21.0 Anionic                

Michem® Emulsion 70750

(Anionic scale wax emulsion)

Imparts excellent early water resistance and release properties when used as an additive in wood coatings, furniture coatings and other water based coatings when additional water resistant properties are needed.

Emulsion 48.0 - 52.0 Anionic      

Michem® Lube 190

(Anionic polyethylene wax emulsion)

Provides mar, rub, block and scratch resistance as well as improved water resistance in coatings and graphic arts formulations.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Anionic                

ProHere® E 00002

(Polyolefin-acrylic hybrid dispersion)

Designed for formulating anti-corrosion primers and pre-treatment sealers for metallic substrates to provide excellent adhesion to various metallic substrates like steel, electroplated steel and aluminum. In addition, it provides excellent water resistance and chemical resistance to acids and many solvents.

Specialty Dispersion 20.0 - 22.0 Ammoniated / alkali dispersion                

ProHere® L 90001

(Paraffin/polyethylene emulsion)

Imparts lubricity and contributes to water resistance to metal coatings without affecting gloss.

Emulsion 29.5 - 30.5 Anionic                

ProHere® L 90010

(Nonionic polyethylene emulsion)

A phenol and formaldehyde free emulsion for metal coatings which imparts abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, enhanced lubricity, and torque/tension control.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic              

ProHere® L 90900

(Anionic carnauba wax emulsion)

Imparts lubricity to metal coatings and presents food contact compliance.

Emulsion 24.5 - 25.5 Anionic              

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