JetPrime® is Michelman’s family of high-performance primers for inkjet designed to improve print quality and ink adhesion on both film and paper substrates, including solutions for both pigmented water-based and UV inkjet printing applications. Our solutions for coated offset substrates are ideal for high-speed commercial printing with pigmented water-based inks.  Additional applications include folding carton and corrugated packaging.


JetPrime® WB 1100


JetPrime® WB 1100is part of Michelman’s innovative JetPrime® family of primers specifically developed for pigmented water-based inkjet printing applications. It is formulated for coated offset substrates and is an effective primer for high-speed commercial printing applications. It is also effective in paper packaging applications such as folding carton and corrugated. JetPrime® WB 1100 is non-corrosive, offers increased productivity, and superior print quality at higher line speeds.


  • Maintains sheet appearance for use after priming, including gloss level
  • Enriches image quality through reduced bleed and mottle
  • Allows for increased productivity at higher line speeds
  • Less harsh on printers and priming equipment due to a non-corrosive formulation
  • Excellent sustainability with water-based chemistry

WITH JETPRIME® WB 1100                UNPRIMED