Digital Printing

High Speed Inkjet


Digital printing technology is driving every segment of production printing. This expansion is due to an increase in the number of printers adding new technologies to increase their competitiveness and enter into new market segments. While some printers leverage digital to increase value to their customers, others use it as an alternative to traditional methods for lower total production costs.

Benefits such as excellent resolution for both high and low volume print runs, shorter lead times with faster equipment turnaround, and customization & personalization capabilities, allow digital printers to access new markets. Michelman helps printers take advantage of growth opportunities such as e-commerce & delivery, food-on-the-go, and active & intelligent packaging, with primer, aqueous overprint coating, and overprint varnish (OPV) solutions that optimize multiple substrates for a range of labels and packaging applications


Digital printing is a more sustainable method for creating packaging and other printed output because it does not require the creation of plates, uses less ink, and reduces inventory waste by allowing converters and brands to print smaller volumes. It positively affects the environment by reducing much of the physical and chemical waste throughout the printing process and allows for high mix, low volume print production to be economically viable.


Michelman has been opening new markets for paper packaging ever since creating our first repulpable water-based coating decades ago. Water-based coatings are safer to apply, conserve resources, and protect & add value to your brand. Our coatings, developed with sustainability in mind, prioritize health & safety during use while helping extend the package life cycle after use. We have set the industry standard with technologies that facilitate the CE principles of recovery, recycling, composting, and repulpability


JetPrime® and DigiGuard® IJ

Primers and OPVs each play different roles in the digital production environment, but together they provide printed material with water resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and thermal resistance. They also increase gamut, prevent colors from fading, and enable greater customization. Our water-based solutions for inkjet presses include JetPrime® primers for inkjet and DigiGuard® IJ OPVs.


JETPRIME® is Michelman’s family of high-performance primers for inkjet designed to improve print quality and ink adhesion on both film and paper substrates, including solutions for both pigmented water-based and UV inkjet printing applications. Our solutions for coated offset substrates are ideal for high-speed commercial printing with pigmented water-based inks, including folding cartons and corrugated packaging.

JetPrime® also improves adhesion and print quality when printing with UV inkjet on coated, uncoated, and direct thermal paper substrates—particularly wine labels. It improves hold out, reduces bleed and mottle, and makes colors more vibrant.

Pigmented Water-Based Inkjet
  • High-resolution for both high and low volume print runs
  • Superior print quality and enhanced color gamut on challenging paper and corrugate substrates
  • Increased productivity at higher line speeds
  • Less corrosion with minimal impact on equipment
  • Competitive performance versus offset printing
  • Excellent sustainability with water-based chemistry
UV Inkjet
  • Enhanced shelf appeal via increased resolution and image quality
  • Ease of printing and improved productivity on multiple paper types
  • Increased durability

inkjet printing

DIGIGUARD® IJ aqueous overprint coatings protect and enhance the appearance of both toner- and inkjet-based printed materials. Various grades are available for commercial print production; form, fill, and seal packaging; and food contact applications.

  • Enhanced product appearance with high gloss and ink protection
  • Increased efficiencies through the corrugation process
  • Excellent sustainability with water-based chemistry
Product Name
improved holdout
reduced bleed
UV ink primer
Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll
Substrate - paper
JetPrime® UV 100
JetPrime® UV 120
JetPrime® WB 1100
JetPrime® WB 1120

Product Name
Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll
Substrate - paper
scratch resistance
water resistance
DigiGuard® IJ 520
DigiGuard® IJ 521
DigiGuard® IJ 530
DigiGuard® IJ 5302