Architectural Specialty Coatings

Exterior Wood Protection

Our polymers and additives help extend the maintenance cycle of low VOC water-based clear wood finishes and stains designed for exterior wood decking and siding. Added to wood finish formulations, Michem® Wood Coating products penetrate and protect wood against water swelling while polymers add toughness and longer service life.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
block resistance
mar resistance
mold release
rub resistance
sacraficial anti-graffiti
scratch resistance
slip resistance
swell resistance
water beading
water repellence
water resistance
Michem® Emulsion 36840EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Emulsion 47950EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 48040M2EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 62330EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Emulsion 66035EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Emulsion 71150EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Emulsion 71152EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Emulsion 91240GEmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93235EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93335EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93935EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 94340EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
Michem® Emulsion 95435EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 98040M1EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Guard 200DispersionNonionic
Michem® Guard 201DispersionNonionic
Michem® Guard 349DispersionNonionic
Michem® Guard 7140DispersionAnionic
Michem® Lube 156EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 160 PFPEmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 182EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 190EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 270REmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 511EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 693EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 723EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 743EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 743GEmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 985EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Wood Coating 44EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Wood Coating 50EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Wood Coating 70 Low VOCEmulsionAnionic
Michem® Wood Coating 75EmulsionAnionic
NatureShield® 30EmulsionAnionic
NatureShield® 40EmulsionAnionic