Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members include a broad base of experienced corporate leaders who gained valuable industry experience prior to joining Michelman. ELT members provide insights that help Michelman remain at the forefront of evolving industry trends. They leverage their expertise to position Michelman for growth in the face of rapidly changing markets. ELT perspectives also provide strategic insights regarding rationalizing our product portfolio while maintaining our purpose of Innovating a Sustainable Future.

Board of Directors

In 1995, Michelman formed a Board of Directors. As a privately held company, forming this Board was a discretionary decision. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and to intentional stewardship of the organization propelled us to form a Board.

Board members provide guidance to drive adherence to Michelman’s Purpose, Vision, Values, and Strategies. They also help us in achieving compliance on internal initiatives and external legal requirements. The Board provides a forum for executive leadership accountability – we know we do best when we define business goals and then hold ourselves accountable for achieving those goals.