Industrial Coatings


Optimizing Latex Glove Performance

Latex gloves are often critical for product quality control, workers’ safety, hygiene, and chemical protection. Waxes have a positive impact on latex glove manufacturing because of their water-resistance, malleability, and low melt viscosity. They can improve slip and lubrication, abrasion resistance, anti-blocking, and water repellency, all of which are critical properties in the production and performance of latex gloves. Michelman, an expert in producing water-based wax emulsions for latex gloves, offers solutions that improve the in-plant processing and service life of both natural and synthetic rubber gloves.

Wax Emulsions For Latex Gloves

Wax emulsions are useful at both the compounding and polymer dipping stages in the latex glove manufacturing process. Add paraffin or microcrystalline waxes in the compounding stage to improve release properties, tack resistance, and anti-blocking. Provide smoothness, abrasion resistance, and donnability by adding polyethylene, carnauba, or paraffin to the polymer coating formula in the polymer dipping or post treatment stage. Brands such as Michem® Emulsion, Michem® Lube, and Michem® Guard are beneficial for aiding in the processing and extending the shelf life of latex gloves


  • chemically inert and no reaction with latex
  • environmentally friendly and suitable for water-based systems
  • release aid for ease of stripping the glove from a form
  • COF reduction with improved donnability and abrasion resistance in a polymer coating
  • rub resistance
  • anti-blocking