Industrial Coatings

General Metal

ProHere® polymers and surface modifiers for waterborne metal coatings enhance lubricity; torque, tension and noise control; as well as appearance, haptics, durability, and anti-scratching of the finish.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
block resistance
chemical resistance
enhanced lubricity
heat resistance
increased CoF
mar resistance
mechanical strength
reduced slip
scratch resistance
temperature resistance
torque/tension control
water resistance
Michem® Emulsion 51715EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® I 13001SolutionN/A
ProHere® I 13003Specialty DispersionN/A
ProHere® L 90001EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90002EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90005EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90006EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90008DispersionNonionic
ProHere® L 90009EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90010EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90011EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90013EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90100EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90101EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90102EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90103DispersionNonionic
ProHere® L 90104EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
ProHere® L 90110EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
ProHere® L 90700Solvent Dispersion
ProHere® L 90900EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90901EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90902EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90904EmulsionAnionic

Product Name
chemical resistance
corrosion resistance
water resistance
ProHere® E 00001
ProHere® E 00002
ProHere® E 00003
ProHere® E 00004
ProHere® E 00005
ProHere® E 00006
ProHere® E 00007
ProHere® E 00015
ProHere® E 00017
ProHere® U 10001
ProHere® U 10003