Digital Printing

HP Indigo Solutions


Michelman’s longstanding partnership with HP Indigo has allowed us to work in tandem with their R&D, hardware, materials, and support teams to elevate our formulation expertise. New products are developed in a truly collaborative fashion to optimize performance across applications and create solutions that are finely tuned to work with HP Indigo hardware, ElectroInk, and approved consumables. Together, we are forging new horizons in digital printing.


  • Environmentally friendly water-based chemistry
  • No negative impact on recyclability or compostability 
  • Outstanding print receptivity and ink adhesion
  • Food contact compliance
  • Enhanced water, mechanical, chemical, & thermal resistance


  • In-line and off-line availability
  • Excellent adhesion to synthetic substrates such as BOPP and PET
  • Low odor solutions
  • Food contact compliance



  • Increased print receptivity
  • Creasability
  • Remains clear and shows no discoloration over time
  • OPVs and barrier coatings for high-performance packaging


  • Maximized ink adhesion and durability
  • Remains clear and shows no discoloration over time
  • Excellent storage stability with no shelf life or aging issues
  • Long blanket life and reduced downtime for presses

DigiPrime® Primers for Printers, Converters, & Mills

DigiPrime® is the recommended brand of in-line and off-line primers for use with HP Indigo Digital Presses. Its excellent adhesion to both a wide variety of substrates and HP Indigo ElectroInk® offers superior versatility and security for labels, packaging, and commercial printing applications. Whether using certified or pre-primed media, preparing substrates off-line, or using a press with an in-line priming unit (ILP), DigiPrime® delivers the best possible printed output on the widest range of materials.

COMMERCIAL PRESSESLABELS & PACKAGING PRESSESPAPER MILLSPAPER & FILMMANUFACTURERSCONVERTERS/MILLSCONVERTERSTREATMENTCENTERSORPRINTERSSend paper to an HP-Certified Indigo TreatmentCenter to be primed.Treat the paper.Produce paper & filmsubstrates.HP Indigo Labels &Packaging PressesHP Indigo CommercialPresses without In-linePriming (ILP)Treat the paper as it’sbeing made, withDigiPrime® Edge.Off-line priming withDigiPrime® Icon.PRINTERSOff-line priming withDigiPrime® Icon.Off-line priming withDigiPrime® Icon.In-line priming withDigiPrime® Vision.



In-Line Primers

For presses with in-line priming units, DigiPrime® Vision offers superior performance, compatibility, and ease of use, contributing to increased uptime and higher press operator satisfaction, with increased flexibility and consistent runnability on the widest range of substrates—including recyclable and renewably sourced materials.



Off-Line Primers

Designed for converters preparing substrates off-line, DigiPrime® Icon provides superior ink adhesion, rub resistance, and runnability, as well as better cleanability and lower odor. These press-ready, water-based primers are designed for flexographic or gravure applications, and optimize most film and paper substrates.



Sizing Agents for Paper Mills

Michelman works with leading paper mills to apply DigiPrime® technology directly onto fibers during the paper making process, resulting in papers that can achieve 3-star performance and be certified for commercial printing on HP Indigo Digital Presses without the need for an additional priming step.

DigiGuard® Overprint Varnishes & Strengtheners

DigiGuard® Plus UV OPV Strengtheners

DigiGuard® Plus strengtheners enhance the water, chemical, mechanical, and thermal resistance of HP-validated UV OPVs in combination with Michelman’s DigiPrime® priming solutions. This allows press owners to increase addressable market size, better serve high-performance label markets, and produce more with HP Indigo Digital Label Presses.

DigiGuard® Overprint Varnishes

Our DigiGuard® water-based overprint varnishes protect and enhance the appearance of printed materials. Various grades are available for commercial print production; form, fill, and seal packaging; and food contact applications.

Ink-Varnish Interface Ink-Primer Interface Crosslinking of all layers is essential. Ink Michelman Primer Substrate UV Varnish + Strengthener MechanicalResistanceWaterResistanceChemicalResistanceThermalResistance

Achieve Greater Sustainability in Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging

Digital printing is a more sustainable method for creating packaging and other printed output because it does not require the creation of plates, uses less ink, and reduces inventory waste by allowing converters and brands to economically print smaller volumes. It positively affects the environment by reducing much of the physical and chemical waste throughout the printing process and allows for high mix, low volume print production to be economically viable.

DigiPrime® primers for flexible packaging have passed extensive testing for ecotoxicity, heavy metals, and fluorine content, which conform to leading industry standards such as ASTM and the European Committee of Standardization.1 These primers will not compromise the recyclability or compostability of finished products, and enable printing on a wide variety of substrates, including recyclable and renewably-sourced materials. Additionally, our repulpable DigiPrime® grades have been favored by paper mills for more than a decade.

(1) Organic Waste Systems Laboratories testing certified up to specified limits. Contact your representative for more details.

Multifunctional Coating Systems for More sustainable Packaging

DigiPrime® primers can also be used in conjunction with Michelman’s broad portfolio of water-based functional and barrier coatings to create packaging structures with improved end-of-life options. These coatings impart critical functionality such as water, oil, and grease resistance; oxygen and moisture vapor transmission control; and heat seal directly to paper and film substrates. This makes it possible to design packaging that is compatible with existing recycling streams, compostable, and/or lighter in weight, and can help brands transition packaging from film to paper while continuing to meet or exceed performance, regulatory, and food contact requirements.

FoodContactCompliantRecyclableWaterResistantGreaseResistantLow MVTR