Industrial Coatings

Maintenance Coatings

Selected Michelman waterborne polymers and additives are ideally suited for direct-to-metal primer and coating formulations, offering a range of functional properties.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
black heel resistance
block resistance
curing control
gloss enhancement
metal adhesion
moisture control
slip resistance
water beading
water repellence
water resistance
ACqua™ 240EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Dispersion 91530Specialty Dispersion
Michem® Emulsion 44730EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 70750EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 190EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90001EmulsionAnionic
ProHere® L 90010EmulsionNonionic
ProHere® L 90900EmulsionAnionic

Product Name
metal adhesion
ProHere® E 00002