We are about innovation, problem solving, and our people.


Team members grow with us.

With our customers – we grow their businesses. As a member of our team and part of our collaborative environment, you grow with us. We know that together we are able to solve significant challenges. Michelman employees are smart, quick and focused on global growth – both the company's and their own.

Your growth means opportunity and learning. Curiosity is one of our values, which fosters our commitment to continuous exploration. Michelman aligns organic expansion with the acquisition of international companies.

An expanding global presence.

We are privately held and professionally operated. We are large enough to have a significant impact with a size optimum for agility. At Michelman, every employee's contributions impact overall company performance.

Our expanding global presence includes The Americas, Asia and Europe. Our talented employees are deployed to all corners of the world. Our lab locations include China, Singapore, The United States, Luxembourg, and India. Our multicultural, diverse and talented people do things that matter.

Business growth is about people growth.

Michelman's success is predicated upon our people and high quality and innovative products. We offer a rich on-boarding process, training to build capability, and tuition reimbursement. Our people become leaders through leadership training and development. Our commitment to global growth begins with people.

Growth begins with you.

Since our inception in Cincinnati, Ohio and development of our first coating we have experienced significant growth. This included an expansion into Europe in 1990 and shortly after into Asia. Our growth is about further developing our products, innovation, and acquisition of viable companies. This aggressive path is our blueprint for the future. These ventures are only possible with optimum talent.

How We Behave

Michelman’s corporate values are a testimony to our highest priorities as individuals and as a company. We conduct ourselves with humility and confidence, living our six organizational values and their associated behaviors. Our goals are to maintain and develop long-term, fair, and trusting relationships and are the driving force behind our company’s success.

Our Values & Culture

Our story is about more than the products & services we sell.

It's about participating in the markets in which we do business. We encourage all employees to be socially responsible. As such, we offer stipends to those causes that matter to our employees through our employee fund.