Paper Converting & Corrugated


Paperboard is a versatile carton material that demands a barrier treatment when used in aggressive environments. Corrugated boxes are a staple solution for the shipping and storage of fresh produce and other perishables as well as environmentally sensitive materials. For longstanding or emerging applications, Michelman has the trusted brands of barrier and functional coatings to cover the gamut of performance requirements for paperboard and corrugated.

Product Name
abrasion resistance
grease & oil resistance
overprints with heat resistance
release with barrier
water resistance
Coating X300™ AF
HydraBan® 1000AF
HydraBan® 410
HydraBan® 420
HydraBan® 430
HydraBan® 708
Hydraban® 8000
Michem® Coat 1548
Michem® Coat 40 Plus N
Michem® Coat 40HAFN
Michem® Coat 81
Micryl™ 766RN
Micryl™ 783
Nomar® 73
ThermaGloss® 425FLT
ThermaGloss® 463
VaporCoat® 2200R
VaporCoat® 2240