Technical Textiles

Enhancing the Versatility of Technical Textiles

Today's textiles are not limited to traditional applications such as apparel.  Strength, chemical resistance, and other performance characteristics can be optimized through advanced surface modification of the textile fibers.  These so-called technical textiles are utilized in a wide range of applications in construction, medical, automotive, and manufacturing, as well as protection against ballistics and other hazards.  They also help safeguard the environment by replacing heavier, rigid components with lightweight, flexible, nonwoven materials, which help to reduce fuel consumption.  


How Technical Textiles are Produced

Various types of fibers are combined with other materials into basic intermediate formats - woven, nonwoven, braided, and three-dimensional - and then incorporated into a vast array of end-use applications.

Looking to formulate barrier properties into textile coatings? Michem® Dispersion Urethane binders can help build abrasion and water resistance into your textile coatings and auxiliaries.




We offer binders used in the processing of nonwoven rolled goods manufactured from materials including polypropylene, polyester, nylon and glass.