Michelman’s NurtureYield® brand of additives and coatings are designed to improve the performance and processing of seeds in treatment and mechanical planting operations. When applied at recommended rates, marked improvements can be noted in flow and plantability. NurtureYield® additives improve lubricity, abrasion, block resistance, and can also aid in dust-off prevention.

Product Name
Form Type
Percent Non-Volatile
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
block resistance
slip resistance
NurtureYield® S 2010Emulsion29.5–30.5Nonionic
NurtureYield® S 2001Emulsion24.5–25.5Anionic
NurtureYield® S 2002Emulsion24.5–25.5Nonionic
NurtureYield® S 2101Emulsion38–42Nonionic
NurtureYield® S 2103Emulsion39.5–40.5Nonionic
NurtureYield® S 2106Dispersion64–66Nonionic
NurtureYield® S 2109Emulsion34–36Nonionic


Fertilizers are used in almost all crops. It is important to get maximum performance with controlled application of the fertilizer in portions, to provide a beneficial effect on plant growth. Coatings control release of nutrients, by avoiding washing away of fertilizer salts, and by making NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) application uniform. Poor storage conditions or storage without proper treatment results in the formation of clumps or powders and insufficient granulation leading to yield losses. Michelman NurtureYield K products protect those fertilizers which aremost easily dissolved in water.

Anti–caking coatings preserve the granular nature of fertilizer. Urea, urea based NPK, CAN (Calcium ammonium-nitrate) or nitro–phosphatic NPK fertilizers are most in need of these coatings; whereas superphosphates, ammonium sulphate, and DAP (Diammonium phosphate) do not need anti–caking treatments due to their less hygroscopic nature. Hygroscopicity is affected by: Chemical composition of the fertilizer, moisture content, ambient temperature, relative humidity, particle structure and porosity, exposure time, and particle surface area.

Product Name
Form Type
Percent Non-Volatile
Emulsifier Charge
moisture control
NurtureYield® K 6001Specialty Dispersion24.2–25.4Ammoniated dispersion
NurtureYield® K 6002Specialty Dispersion20–22Ammoniated / alkali dispersion
NurtureYield® K 6010Emulsion49.5–50.5Nonionic
NurtureYield® K 6021Emulsion38.5–39.5Anionic
NurtureYield® K 6024Emulsion48–52Anionic