Michelman continually hires and seeks talent and is development centric.

Once you join Michelman, our objective is for you to land well into our culture. Our talent management process moves careers forward through learnings and growth. Our “opportunities” available increase as we grow. While employee retention rate is very high, new jobs are frequently added. Please check back regularly to learn of opportunities.

Current Opportunities

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Michelman Americas

Americas HQ, based in Cincinnati, OH. Supporting global business relations with manufacturing, technical support and a service focus on the Americas.

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Michelman EMEA

Regional HQ based in Windhof, Luxembourg. Serving Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa. Home to the European Technical Center (ETC).

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Michelman China

Based in Shanghai, this location is focused on the critical Chinese market. Home of the Michelman (China) Sustainability Center (MSC).

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Michelman India

India regional HQ located in Mumbai. Home of the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC).

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Michelman Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific regional HQ located in Singapore. Home of the Michelman Advanced Technology & Innovation Center (MATIC).

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