Industrial Coatings

Die Lubes & Mold Releases

Mold release agents and sprays are designed specifically for use with all types of rubber, plastic, composites, wood fiber composites/panel pressing, concrete, stone veneers, and polyurethane parts to allow easy and clean release. A wide variety of wax types are used in die lubricants and mold releases for plastics, metals, and concrete, where high-temperature lubricity is required.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
abrasion resistance
adhesion promotion
block resistance
chemical resistance
corrosion resistance
heat seal
mold release
scratch resistance
slip resistance
thermal transfer release
Michem® Emulsion 44730EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 48040M2EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 52137EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 91735EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93235EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 93935EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 94340EmulsionAnionic / Nonionic
Michem® Emulsion 95435EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Emulsion 98040M1EmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 124EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 190EmulsionAnionic
Michem® Prime 4983RSpecialty DispersionN/A
Michem® Prime 6121Specialty DispersionN/A