Flexible Packaging

Functional Coatings

Michem® Lube wax emulsions are added to water-based flexible packaging coatings to maximize the efficiency of form, fill and seal operations, and provide slip control, anti-blocking, mar resistance, and release. Michem® Flex formulated coatings work with both film and paper applications and offer gas, mineral, and moisture barriers with options available for food contact compliance.

Product Name
Form Type
Emulsifier Charge
block resistance
mar resistance
rub resistance
scratch resistance
slip resistance
Michem® Lube 156 PFPEmulsionNonionic
Michem® Lube 160 PFPEmulsionAnionic
Michem® Lube 160RPHEmulsion

Product Name
adhesion promotion
mineral oil migration resistance
overprint varnish
oxygen barrier
print receptivity
rub resistance
scratch resistance
Substrate - film
Substrate - paper
water resistance
Michem® Flex B1000
Michem® Flex B1002
Michem® Flex B3510
Michem® Flex B3510I
Michem® Flex B3511
Michem® Flex B3530
Michem® Flex B7010
Michem® Flex M1479
Michem® Flex R1924