Die Lubes & Mold Releases

Mold release agents and sprays are designed specifically for use with all types of rubber, plastic, composites, wood fiber composites/panel pressing, concrete, stone veneers, and polyurethane parts to allow easy and clean release. A wide variety of wax types are used in die lubricants and mold releases for plastics, metals, and concrete, where high-temperature lubricity is required.

Additives & Modifiers for Die Lubes & Mold Releases Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge abrasion resistance adhesion promotion block resistance chemical resistance corrosion resistance heat seal lubricity mold release scratch resistance slip resistance thermal transfer release

Michem® Dispersion 275P

(Petroleum Derived Hydrocarbon Solvent Dispersion)

Designed for use as a slip and release additive in mold release coatings.

Solvent Dispersion 39.5 - 40.5                  

Michem® Emulsion 44730

(Copolymer Emulsion)

This formalin and APE-free additive provides anti-slip and black heel mark resistance for floor polish applications and abrasion resistance for seed coatings. It also provides lubricity for both seed coatings and die lubricants.

Emulsion 29.5 - 30.5 Nonionic                    

Michem® Emulsion 48040M2

(Microcrystalline wax emulsion)

This water-based emulsion provides excellent anti-blocking and release properties for building paint, and industrial molding and wood applications.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Nonionic                    

Michem® Emulsion 52137

(Polyethylene Emulsion)

This water-based emulsion provides lubricity and is effective as a high-temperature mold release for metal dies.

Emulsion 36.5 - 37.5 Nonionic                  

Michem® Emulsion 91735

(Maleated polypropylene emulsion)

A sizing polymer for fiberglass and other fibers used to reinforce polypropylene. It can also be used in paint & varnish and polish applications to impart durability, mar, slip and block resistance.

Emulsion 34.0 - 36.0 Anionic / Nonionic                    

Michem® Emulsion 93935

(High Density Polyethylene Emulsion)

This phenol and formaldehyde-free additive imparts black heel resistance, toughness, buffability, and mar and scuff resistance for floor polish formulations. It also imparts durability, block, mar and scratch resistance in paint and varnish formulations.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic                  

Michem® Emulsion 94340

(Maleated Polypropylene Emulsion)

A phenol-free additive is best used in floor polish and overprint varnish formulations when a high degree of slip resistance is needed. It also provides durability and scratch resistance to wood applications.

Emulsion 39.5 - 40.5 Anionic / Nonionic            

Michem® Emulsion 98040M1

(Fischer-Tropsch Emulsion)

Used to provide superior slip, abrasion resistance and antiblock properties in paint, varnish, and wood applications.

Emulsion 38.0 - 42.0 Nonionic              

Michem® Lube 124

(Microcrystalline Emulsion)

This wax emulsion provides release and acts as a detackifier for industrial molding applications and latex glove formulations, and offers slip resistance for adhesives and sealants.

Emulsion 41.0 - 43.0 Anionic                    

Michem® Lube 190

(High Density Polyethylene Emulsion)

Provides mar, rub, block, and scratch resistance, and improved water resistance in coatings and graphic arts formulations.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Anionic                  

Michem® Prime 4983R

(Copolymer dispersion)

This dispersion provides outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates and enhances the water, grease, oil, and solvent-resistance of coatings and adhesives. It can serve as a tie coat or primer for extrusion coatings, a foil laminate, specialty paper coating, paper sizing agent, heat sealable coating, and a nonwoven binder, and used as a thermally active binder in thermal transfer release coatings.

Specialty Dispersion 24.2 - 25.4 N/A            

Michem® Prime 6121

(Copolymer dispersion)

Provides outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates, aids corrosion protection, and enhances the water, grease, oil and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives. It can serve as a tie coat or primer for extrusion coatings, a foil laminate, a specialty paper coating, a paper sizing agent, a heat sealable coating or a nonwoven binder.

Specialty Dispersion 20.0 - 22.0 N/A                    

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