DigiGuard® water-based and UV curable overprint varnishes protect and enhance the appearance of printed materials. Various grades are available for commercial print jobs; form, fill and seal packaging; and food contact applications.

Products for DigiGuard Available Form Solids Type Emulsifier Type heat resistance high gloss hot mar chemical resistance water resistance Substrate - film OEM - Indigo 8000 Applicator - Indigo ILP station OEM - Indigo ws6000 Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll food packaging controlled slip matte rub resistance UV coating

DigiGuard® 520IJ


DigiGuard® 901 UV OPV Strengthener

HP Indigo Digital Printing Primer                  

DigiGuard® Gloss 110

HP Indigo Polymer                      

DigiGuard® Gloss 115

HP Indigo Polymer                      

DigiGuard® Gloss 310

Acrylic Styrene Copolymer                    

DigiGuard® Matte 173

Specialty Dispersion Proprietary                        

DigiGuard® Toner Imprintable 6000

HP Indigo Proprietary                            

DigiGuard® UV 3200

HP Indigo Proprietary