DigiPrime®, used by many digital press owners around the world because of its ability to improve ink receptivity, rub resistance, and image quality on most types of paper, plastic, and film, also provides improved productivity and efficiency for digital printing on both commercial and labels and packaging presses.

Products for DigiPrime Available Form Solids Type Emulsifier Type Substrate - film Applicator - Indigo ILP station OEM - Indigo ws20000 Substrate - paper OEM - Indigo ws30000 Applicator - size press Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll OEM - Indigo various presses OEM - Indigo ws10000 OEM - Indigo ws5000 OEM - Indigo ws7000 Applicator - screen Substrate - vinyl OEM - Indigo 8000 OEM - Indigo ws6000

DigiPrime® 050

HP Indigo Ethylene Copolymer                        

DigiPrime® 060

HP Indigo Ethylene Copolymer                        

DigiPrime® 1600

Dispersion Ethylene Copolymer                          

DigiPrime® 2000

HP Indigo Proprietary                        

DigiPrime® 2500

HP Indigo Proprietary                      

DigiPrime® 3000


DigiPrime® 4431

HP Indigo Proprietary                  

DigiPrime® 4450

HP Indigo Proprietary                      

DigiPrime® 4453

Formulated Polymer                              

DigiPrime® 4462

HP Indigo Copolymer                        

DigiPrime® 5000

HP Indigo Proprietary                      

DigiPrime® 6611

HP Indigo Digital Printing Primer                        

DigiPrime® 680

HP Indigo Proprietary