Overprint Varnish

DigiGuard® aqueous and UV curable overprint varnishes protect and enhance the appearance of printed materials. Various grades are available for commercial print jobs; form, fill and seal packaging; and food contact applications.

Formulated Coatings for Overprint Varnish Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll chemical resistance controlled slip food packaging heat resistance high gloss hot mar matte rub resistance UV coating water resistance

DigiGuard® 520IJ

(Water-based OPV for inkjet printed paper used in corrugated boxes)

A water-based overprint varnish (OPV) that protects and enhances the appearance of printed corrugated boxes. This innovative and unique OPV is specifically formulated for inkjet presses to pre-print paper used in corrugated boxes and offers low odor, high gloss and hot mar resistance. DigiGuard® 520IJ is also receptive to hot melt and cold set glues for efficient process in sealing ends of boxes.


DigiGuard® 901 UV OPV Strengthener

(UV OPV performance enhancer)

An additive designed to improve the performance of HP-validated UV OPVs used in combination with Michelman's DigiPrime® priming solutions for Pack Ready for Labels. These OPVs are designated in the HP Indigo Pack Ready for Labels guideline.


DigiGuard® Gloss 110

(Overprint varnish for flexible packaging)

A high gloss, temperature resistant, water based overprint varnish which meets FDA food contact requirements.


DigiGuard® Gloss 115

(Overprint varnish for flexible packaging)

Provides good resistance to heat and a low coefficient of friction as an overprint varnish. It has good adhesion to most packaging films and inks and can help protect the print from damage. It can be used in demanding applications where ease of slip over hot surfaces is required - for example in vertical form, fill and seal packaging.


DigiGuard® Gloss 310

(Overprint varnish for flexible packaging)

Used over HP Indigo Electroinks® it gives protection to the ink when used in form, fill and seal packaging applications. It offers good slip allowing easy feed of the coated web and is resistant to heat from the heat sealing operation. It can be used in food packaging as a protective overprint varnish.


DigiGuard® Matte 173

(Water-based, matte finish, overprint varnish)

Delivers a matte finish, heat resistance and rub resistance when applied to digitally printed film.


DigiGuard® Toner Imprintable 6000

(UV overprint varnish)

An acrylic-based aqueous coating for application over HP Indigo digital ink (sizing dependent) printed on paper and paperboard substrates. This product can be evaluated over waterbased ink jet inks.


DigiGuard® UV 3200

(UV overprint varnish)

A Benzophenone free satin UV coating for application over HP Indigo, hybrid or UV inks on paper, paperboard and select plastic stocks.


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