Raw Material Sourcing

At Michelman, we are committed to maximizing the value of our supplier relationships by maintaining open, honest and continuous communications. We encourage suppliers to engage Michelman associates in Purchasing, Technology, Marketing, and other appropriate functional areas as needed.

Raw material approvals – and purchasing decisions – are based on several criteria as evaluated across several functional areas of Michelman.  These include product performance, quality and overall value taking into consideration price, delivery and service.

Our dedicated Purchasing team serves a unique coordination role between suppliers and all other Michelman associates, and is the only team authorized to procure raw materials. The Purchasing team administers and controls the procurement process, including evaluations, certifications and negotiations, and manages supplier relationships.

Supplier and Partner Expectations

To all our suppliers, we pledge to:

In return, we ask our suppliers to: 

By working together within this framework, both of our businesses will benefit from our association.

Packaging Requirements

Container Packaging

If applicable to the container type, when shipped to Michelman: 

  1. Multiple Bags and Drums Palletized
  2. Palletized Bags Shrink Wrapped
  3. Palletized Drums secured (Strapped/Banded/Blocked)
  4. Shipments adequately secured and blocked for transit
  5. Boxes adequate to protect contents

Container Labeling

All individual containers must include the following labeling: 

  1. Vendor’s Product Name
  2. Lot Number
  3. Package Net Weight in Pounds
  4. Expiration Date (if applicable)
  5. Any specific Hazard, Personal Safety Protections or Conditions of Use for the material (HMIS is encouraged).

Note: all packaging must conform to all applicable legal safety and regulatory requirements

Delivery Requirements

Shipment Documentation

All shipments MUST include a PACKING LIST that MUST include the following minimum delivery information: 

  1. Michelman Purchase Order Number
  2. Net Weight of Contents Shipped
  3. Number of Containers in Shipment
  4. Individual Item Lot Numbers with Quantities of Each in the Shipment
  5. Shipments under 55 pounds (25 kgs) must include a reference on the label as to whom the shipment is to be delivered. This should take the form of an “Attention to: (Michelman Associate’s name)” line on the shipment label.

Each Shipment

  1. Certificate of Analysis (Chemicals) or Certificate of Conformance (Containers) must be included with the shipment, and also faxed or emailed prior to receipt to the Quality Assurance Group Leader at our regional manufacturing site.
  2. Freight Brokers Statement included on the Bill of Lading (if specified on our Purchase Order).
  3. Supplier must use Michelman Designated Carrier (if shipped collect).
  4. Liquid Bulk Shipments must be within 1000# of order quantity.
  5. All shipments must arrive within one half hour of the specified delivery appointment time.

Quality Requirements

  1. Shipment contents must match reported COA specifications.
  2. Material should be free of contamination, both biologic and chemical.
  3. No change of product content, component source or manufacturing location can be made without prior written consent by Michelman.