Asia Pacific

Chemical Operator, Elevated Temperature Process

Job Location: Asia Pacific

Job Category: Production

Job Schedule: Full Time

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Chemical Operators are cross-trained in areas of the manufacturing process.  The selected candidates will have a strong work ethic, be safety conscious, display strong attention to detail, be adaptable, have good communication skills and be able to work in a team based environment.

The successful candidate will safely and efficiently operate all equipment necessary to manufacture atmospheric emulsions, reactor batches, solvent-based formulations, pilot batches, and cold-blend products. This position is also responsible for performing quality control testing, product packaging and loading/unloading finished good or raw material bulk tankers when necessary.  This allows the Chemical Operator to effectively “own” the entire manufacturing process, from loading the raw materials to the final approval of finished goods. 

Additionally, Chemical Operators are entrusted to make formula adjustments when necessary based on their testing to provide quality finished goods. Throughout the manufacturing process, the Chemical Operator is trained to react properly to variations in process, equipment failures or condition changes while being trusted to make the necessary changes in approach to ensure success without requiring additional support from management.

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