Friday, 25 July 2008

Michelman Featuring 'Coatings for Corrugated' at SuperCorr 2008

CINCINNATI, OH (July 25, 2008) – Michelman will be exhibiting at booth #1817 at SuperCorr 2008, and will be featuring a variety of traditional and non-traditional solutions and new ideas for coatings on corrugated. "Now Performing…" will be the company’s theme at this years show. Visitors to the booth will see how Michelman coatings have pushed performance envelopes, helping customers create new markets and new sales opportunities.

Featured coatings from Michelman improve the performance of packaging in dozens of applications and markets, including:

• Microfluting
• Thermoformed trays
• Wax replacement
• Lightweight and cost-reducing packaging
• Perishable fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy
• Bakery items, including bake-in trays and cake circles
• Appliances and other durable goods
• Paper plates, folding cartons, roll wrap, multi-wall bags and construction forms
• Hot rubber and asphalt

With an understanding of the supply chain, production processes, markets and end users, built over forty years in the business, Michelman is able to partner with its customers to uncover new ways to add value to their products. After exploring the parameters of a customer’s needs the company can suggest the optimum ready-made or custom solution to:

• Protect packaging from water, moisture, oil and grease damage
• Keep contents fresh
• Accentuate whites and color graphics
• Reduce insect infestation
• Shield high value cargo from corrosion and scratches

About Michelman
Michelman is a global manufacturer of performance-enhancing barrier, functional, and decorative coatings for paperboard, corrugated boxes and flexible film packaging. They have been helping companies innovate and expand into new markets around the globe since creating the first repulpable water-based coating for the corrugated industry in 1963.