Michelman Works with BOBST to Develop AlOx Topcoats

Monday, 10 October 2016

Michelman Introducing Ground Breaking OTR and WVTR Barrier Coatings for AlOx Packaging Applications at SPE FlexPackCon 2016

CINCINNATI, OH (October 10, 2016) –  Michelman will announce the availability of two innovative new AlOx topcoats at the SPE FlexPackCon 2016 being held October 9-12, 2016 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Working in collaboration with BOBST, the world’s leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, Michelman has developed and commercialized Michem® Flex B5770 and Michem Flex B5780.

Both Michelman barrier coatings are designed as topcoats for AlOx transparent films and work in conjunction with BOBST’s AlOx coatings. Industrial scale and laboratory testing conducted on BOBST K5000 vacuum metallizers and offline coaters has shown significant reductions in OTR and WVTR, exceptional durability properties as shown through Gelbo flex testing, and excellent printability.

In testing, Michem Flex B5770 showed no loss of barrier after 20 Gelbo flexes, while Michem Flex B5780 showed only slightly reduced levels. Michem Flex B5780 shows slightly better print receptivity, and has superior bond strength when tested in laminate structures. 

According to Mr. Robin Cooper, Marketing Strategic Program Manager, Printing & Packaging Group at Michelman, “The excellent barrier properties of vacuum deposited aluminum oxide (AlOx) are of interest for a wide range of high barrier packaging applications. The conversion of these films can offer challenges and result in loss of barrier. We have worked together with BOBST to address these challenges and we are excited to now offer new materials and processes that enable high barrier AlOx films to be produced and converted with ease.”

About Michelman

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials for industry, offering solutions for the coatings, printing & packaging and industrial manufacturing markets. The company’s surface modifiers, additives and polymers are used by leading manufacturers around the world to enhance performance attributes and add value in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, fibers and composites. Michelman is also well-known as an innovator in the development of barrier and functional coatings, as well as digital printing press primers that are used in the production of consumer and industrial packaging and paper products, labels, and commercially printed materials. Michelman serves its customers with production facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, product development and technical service centers in several major global markets, and a worldwide team of highly trained business development personnel.