Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Michelman Offers 24-Hour Turnaround on Color Coatings

ColorCoat™ from Michelman is a water-based, repulpable coating for use on corrugated packaging, boxes and displays. The coating can be matched accurately to any color swatch, including silver, gold and bronze.

Once an order is placed with the Michelman Color Group headed by Ms. Nancy Weaver, 98% of those orders will be formulated to the customers’ exact specifications and shipped within 24 hours. According to Weaver, “We pride ourselves on quick turn-around, which not only provides the obvious benefits where there’s an immediate need, but also allows our customers to reduce their own stocking levels. Additionally, we can do quick, small batches that allow a customer to test and present color options to their own customers.”

In addition to fast production turnaround, ColorCoat features excellent batch-to-batch color consistency - unlike dyed board, and is available in customizable batch sizes. This allows users to meet their own customers’ stringent demands in a timely fashion.

ColorCoat coatings can be formulated to be fade resistant in direct sunlight, and have a bright, vivid finish or one that is muted and matte. It is also designed for processing on the corrugator, making it practical to use linerboard for decorative jobs that would otherwise require special grades. Once coated, the final product - whether it be a box, display or packaging - is gluable and printable.

With over 45 years of experience, Michelman has become the largest supplier of color coatings to the corrugated packaging and display market in North America.

For more information on Michelmans’ ColorCoat, contact Nancy Weaver at (513) 825-6300.