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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Michelman Offers Water-Based Barrier Coatings for Corrugated Meat Packaging; Coated Boxes Are a Sustainable Alternative to Waxed Boxes

CINCINNATI, OH (May 20, 2009) – Michelman is helping its meat packaging customers convert from waxed boxes to coated boxes with a variety of repulpable coatings. With over 40 years of experience replacing wax coatings on meat packaging, Michelman has become the solution of choice for field proven, repulpable water-based barrier coatings that address box supplier’s concerns with wax coatings.

Corrugated boxes have long been coated with wax to help them withstand the rigors of getting perishable foods such as meat to market. Today, processors and retailers are looking for alternatives to wax coatings for three primary reasons: to eliminate concerns about wax availability; to replace curtain-coated boxes with a repulpable and recyclable alternative; and to achieve consistent results in the performance of the completed box.

Because the needs of meat processors are unique, Michelman has long maintained a staff of formulators and application specialists who collaborate with its customer’s entire supply chain to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

Starting with the packing stage, Michelman works with its customers to fully understand what barrier properties, particularly water resistance and release, are necessary. Michelman evaluates storage conditions and storage time and makes recommendations on box and compression strength, as well as optimal product protection. Food contact regulations are understood and addressed to meet FDA requirements. Finally, the box processing is evaluated for gluing and printing needs.

Michelman’s selection of barrier coatings meet specific needs, are affordable, repulpable and can be custom-formulated to meet the packaging requirements of a wide range of fresh and frozen meat products including burgers and patties, ground meats, bulk meats, meat cuts and trimmings, bag-in-a-box design, deli, fresh and sliced meats, and comminuted meats.

Michem® Coat is used primarily for water resistance, but also provides grease and oil resistance, release, coldset and hot melt gluability, and FDA and BfR compliance.

Coating X300™ AF
combines two properties critical to packers of perishables: water resistance and release. It is hot-melt gluable and is FDA compliant.

VaporCoat® offers two versions for the most demanding applications. One version is for maximum moisture and water resistance and release requirements. It is fully FDA compliant and can be glued with hot melt adhesives. The other version is used for moisture retention on the inside of a box, and to prevent moisture penetration into the container when used on the exterior. It is also printable, gluable and FDA compliant.

About Michelman
Michelman is a global developer of water-based barrier and functional coatings for flexible film packaging, paperboard, and corrugated cartons; and water-based surface modifiers, additives and polymers for numerous industries including wood care, industrial coatings, inks, fibers, composites, and construction products. Michelman serves its multinational and regional customers with production facilities in the U.S., Europe and Singapore, and a worldwide network of highly trained field technical support personnel.

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