Monday, 20 August 2007

Michelman's DigiPrime 5000 Gives HP Indigo Press Users a Water-based Alternative to Topaz 17 for Screen Printing Applications

In conjunction with HP, Michelman has developed DigiPrime® 5000, a water-based primer that can be used by owners and operators of HP Indigo sheet-fed s2000 and s3050 presses. The new primer is optimized for screen printing on synthetic substrates and replaces Topaz 17.

As compared to Topaz 17, water-based DigiPrime® 5000 is more environmentally and workplace friendly, enhancing workplace safety and comfort. It has a longer product and shelf life, produces outstanding Indigo ink transfer and adhesion to the substrate while improving rub resistance, and produces better screen printing finishes on dense mesh applications.

For many HP Indigo sheet-fed press users, screen printing is the only feasible method for optimizing substrates. Many of these customers print on soft vinyl, one of the toughest substrates to optimize due to the high level of plasticizers. Previously, solvent-based Topaz 17 was their only available primer option. Users can also use DigiPrime® 5000 to optimize PET, PLA, PS, PA, PVC and most other plastic films as well as uncoated, matte, semi-gloss and gloss papers.

Typical applications on the s2000 and s3050 presses range from printed graphic attachments and overlays for applications like membrane switches, panels, keypads and mousepads to plastic cards for ID, driver's licenses and financial applications.

Designed for screen printing, DigiPrime® 5000 can also be applied via flexo, gravure and rod or roll coating systems.

About Michelman
Michelman is a global manufacturer of performance-enhancing barrier, functional, and decorative coatings for flexible film packaging, paperboard, and corrugated boxes; and additives and modifiers for many industries including coatings, inks, composites, and construction products.