Thursday, 1 February 2007

Michelman's Line of Waterbased Barrier Coatings Protect Paperboard Against Water, Moisture, Oil, Grease and Abrasion

CINCINNATI, OH (February 1, 2007) - Michelman, aleading manufacturer of waterbased coatings for paperboard, and waterbased performance-enhancing additives for industrial applications, offers a full line of barrier coatings that are used around the world to protect paperboard from damaging elements including water, moisture, oil, grease and abrasion. The barrier coatings include VaporCoat®, Michem®Coat, and NomarTM. All are repulpable, recyclable and energy efficient.

"Dozens of global brands are using Michelman's barrier coatings on their products' shipping packages to ensure that end-use customers receive the highest quality products available on the market," said Bob Poletti, V.P. Marketing at Michelman. "Michelman's dedication to research and development has revolutionized the barrier coatings industry and has given clients a wide variety of barrier coating products to choose from - to meet their specific packaging needs."

The VaporCoat® line of coatings protect against damaging moisture penetration. As an alternative to wax and poly film, VaporCoat® is an environmentally friendly solution for keeping products such as frozen foods fresh, or as a solution for keeping fine papers dry.

The Michem®Coat line of coatings protect paperboard against oil and grease saturation and offers some water resistance. A very popular coating used by many globally recognized brands, Michem®Coat is cold-set and hot-melt gluable, and is typically used to protect shipping containers used for meat, citrus, produce and dairy goods.

The Nomar line of coatings are applied to paperboard or corrugated packaging to protect the fine finishes of expensive consumer and industrial goods - such as appliances, automotive parts, and furniture - from abrasion or scuffing. By preventing damage that commonly occurs during shipping, the NomarTM line of coatings ensures the pristine appearance of the goods when they are displayed on the showroom floor. NomarTM is gluable with many waterbased adhesives and unlike paraffin wax coatings, can withstand the heat of corrugation with minimal strike-in, making non-scuff linerboard practical.

About Michelman

Michelman is a global manufacturer of performance-enhancing functional and decorative coatings for the paperboard and corrugated box industries; and additives for many industries including flexible packaging, fiberglass, paint, coatings, and ink.


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