Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Michelman's Mr. Luc Vanderstappen to Present at European Coatings Show

CINCINNATI, OH (December 10, 2008) – Mr. Luc Vanderstappen, European Business Manager at Michelman, will be making a presentation at the European Coatings Show being held in Nürnberg, Germany from March 31st through April 2nd, 2009. Mr. Vanderstappen’s presentation will focus on the benefits and methods for using wax emulsions in water-based coatings, for use on exterior and interior wood.

Depending on the application, either exterior or interior, coating formulators working with wood must address a plethora of potential problems including UV degradation, color fading, dirt pickup, water absorption, cracking, mold and mildew growth, swelling and splintering, marring, scratching, gloss, block resistance and coefficient of friction. Mr. Vanderstappen will demonstrate pictorially and graphically how wax emulsions can be used to prevent or minimize these problems, with an emphasis on water repellency. Selection criteria will also be discussed, with a focus on stability in low VOC coatings.

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Michelman will be exhibiting at ECS Hall 7, Booth 7-633.

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